Meet Jolene Airth

A lifelong volunteer committed to our community

My name is Jolene Airth. I am running to be your Rocky View County NEW Division 3 Councillor.

I am a graduate of Lakeland College in the agricultural field and SAIT in the medical field. This combined with my work experience and volunteering has fostered a strong ethic for learning and teamwork. 

My husband and I have lived on the southwest end of highway 567 for 22 years and have raised two children on our farm. Rocky View County and the land are dear to our hearts and we are proud that our children are the fifth generation to live here.

I have worked in many medical labs across Calgary, Cochrane, and Airdrie, including the Foothills Hospital. I have traveled from Banff to Bragg Creek to Olds, to Airdrie and Calgary, as well as rural roads and towns, completing insurance medicals as a private contractor. Giving back to my community has always been important to me, as my volunteer portfolio states, I have devoted my adult life to it.

Division 3, and all of Rocky View County’s residents, deserve strong leadership, and councillors who will listen to the residents’ concerns and ideas. I strive to be fair, balanced, and a lifelong learner, who will represent you with integrity, honesty, and common sense.

My Core Values

Elect Jolene and I will be the strong councillor you deserve.

Campaign Videos

When I am elected, these are items I will be focusing on:

  • Water, Waste Water and Storm Water – all of these are essential components of our life here in Rocky View County. We must continue to monitor them effectively.

  • Aggregate Resource Mining – I live next door to a gravel pit. I have an idea how residents feel. We need an effective and workable aggregate policy.

  • Update and complete our Area Structure Plans – for example the Bearspaw ASP, which is 26 years old. The zoning and permitted uses need to be examined and revised to reflect the 21st century.

  • We enjoy favorable taxes in Rocky View County, lower than our urban municipal neighbors. I want to keep it that way.
  • Protecting Environmentally Important lands – Agriculture, Native Prairie, Wetlands, Riparian lands. Once it is gone, it is gone. We need workshops and courses for our residents, so all can be informed and protect our home together!

  • Rocky View County Council needs to get on a positive track. I will work to bring back Respect, Cooperation and Collaboration between members of Council as I advocate for you.

  • Recreation – We need to increase the amount of recreational opportunities for our Division 3 community.

  • Transportation safety and Access Roads – Increased traffic is a concern. We must keep our roads safe for everyone.

  • Community Connection – I am committed to continuing communication with residents through a quarterly newsletter as well as my website and social media platforms.

Important Issues

Rocky View County is one of the most economically diverse and resource-abundant regions in Southern Alberta. Nestled in the foothills of the Rockies, we have a responsibility to protect our natural resources, our families’ heritage and our community as a whole, while providing growth and benefit for all residents of the county.

sd for site

Sustainable Development

As Rocky View County (RVC) continues to grow, development requests will be ongoing.  We need to work together to ensure we protect and preserve our county, while developing responsibly.

Machinery industry -  heavy construction machinery in open pit ore mine - wheel loader transports gravel at sorting plant

Gravel Pit Applications

Ensuring we approach each application with the belief that we have to limit the negative and environmental impacts that continued exploration creates while fostering responsible development needs.

Ag Advocacy Pic-IMG_5359

Agricultural Advocacy

Protecting land owners rights and heritage is a value I strongly believe in.  We need to stand up with and for each other to protect this for all the diverse land owners in RVC, including newer and older generational acreages and homesteads.

Leadership Photo

Local Leadership

As a dedicated and effective leader, I will work with my fellow councillors to ensure that we make the best decisions for our residents and the environment.

Jolene Airth:
Discover her story

I have been a volunteer all my adult life.

I have had the honour of working with many local organizations such as Weedon Hall (Private Playschool, Private Kindergarten, and the Westbrook School Parent Council), 4-H Project Leader of multiple projects, Committee Chair of numerous 4-H Committees, Calgary 4-H Region Secretary, and as a Green Certificate Trainer and Examiner.

I am a trained Medical Examiner by trade, I work with the Stockmen’s Memorial Foundation,  and also am the owner and operator of our local Big Hill Sheep Farm.

Concerns I Have Heard from Division 3 Residents

My Breath of fresh AIR pledge to you – I will be

A – Accountable

I – Informed

R – Responsive

T – Tenacious

H – Holistic

Testimonials & Local Mentions

We were very glad to hear that Jolene was running for our Division 3 councillor. Her family is a long-time area resident and good people, and we know she’ll work hard to represent her constituents. We fully support her in this effort, knowing that when elected our division will benefit from a collaborative and reasonable voice in council.
Clarence & Joan Longeway
I worked with Jolene for 5 years on various volunteer school and education boards which she sat on as the Chairperson. I was always impressed with how well she chaired the meetings and got tasks completed to help the kids, schools and community.
Beth Horne
I have known Jolene Airth for more years than is polite to mention. We have collaborated on many projects over the years starting with Weedon Hall.

Through all those projects Jolene has shown a fair and balanced approach. She was the secretary for the Hall board when it was having a few difficulties. Jolene brought new ideas to the table as well as doing research on options for us. Even though she had young children at the time she found time to give back to our community. She also found a way to get all the opinions to work together for a common good.

I think Jolene will be a breath of fresh air to Rocky View Council. She will look at things from an individual level and judge on merit. She understands that there are many unique pieces to the county and one size does not fit all. I have complete trust that she will represent Division 3 to the best of her abilities.
Cheryl Hardy
I have known Jolene as a both friend and a work colleague and she is able to discuss difficult issues and brings a balanced approach in trying to find a win-win outcome for all parties involved. Her values are rooted in agriculture, and she prides herself in being personable and respectful to everyone she interacts with during her day.
Scott Grattidge
Executive Director, Stockmen's Memorial Foundation
I formally met Jolene through 4-H, her daughter was a member in the local 4-H horse club. Jolene is very community minded and was a parent volunteer that would be the first to raise her hand to get a job done. We also served on the board of the Calgary Regional 4-H Council together, Jolene was the secretary and one of the committees that she was on was the Multi Judging which she did an exemplary job of running for the Calgary Region for three years. Jolene has served 4-H AB. Jolene will serve the Rocky View Community to the best of her ability!
Betty Beeby
Past President- Calgary Regional 4-H Council
As a fellow farmer, Jolene's dedication to her work and to her community is absolutely what drew me to her - she is hardworking, pays close attention to the details and is wonderfully collaborative. Whether she is inviting members of her farming community to greater engagement and mentorship, helping to provide educational opportunities to veterinary students or working to promote and protect the causes that are near-and-dear to her heart, Jolene is open-minded, willing to listen, asks the right questions and knows how to get things done. An energetic, passionate and committed producer with long-term roots in Rocky View County, I have full confidence that Jolene will be an effective advocate and administrator for her constituents.
Tara Klager
Owner, Providence Lane Homestead
I have known Jolene Airth going on 6 years now, she has worked with me on and off at The Feed Store, as a dedicated, kind, hard working person, she can quickly change with the ever ending last minute changes happening with orders and deliveries. She keeps a level head and her humor at all times.

Her roots are here in Rocky View County and she has a vested interest in it's future. Jolene would make a great addition to the council, working hard for the hard working people.
Bobbi Decker
Owner, The Feed Store

Local Mentions

Cochrane Today (October 4, 2021)

Jolene Airth running for Rocky View County's Division 3 seat

Cochrane Now (June 1, 2021)

Jolene Airth first candidate in new RVC division 3

Cochrane Now (March 2021)

Doors reopen at Stockmen's Memorial

Projects showcase

Let's Connect

Experience you can trust, the commitment you can count on. I am proud to represent our community – your partner in council!

Just like you, I too am local; I have raised my family here. I run a business here. I volunteer here. I have worked and lived in this area for decades. 

Contact me anytime with your questions, comments or concerns.

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